SetaPDF Demos


Analyze a PDF document for specific properties, such as e.g. encryption, text, images, fonts, colors or digital signatures.

Check for Collection

Checks whether a PDF document is a Collection (aka PDF Portfolio or PDF Package).

Check for Digital Signatures

Check and extract the value of digital signatures (no validation).

Check for Encryption

Checks wether a document is encrypted and what permissions are granted.

Check for PDF/A information

This demo extracts the PDF document metadata and checks for PDF/A information.

Check for Text

Check whether text is output on a page or not.

Check for Transparency

Check whether transparency elements are found in a PDF document or not.

Get Color-Spaces

This script extracts all color related information from an existing PDF file.

Get Fonts

Extract information about fonts in a PDF document.

Get Images Size and Resolution

Get size and resolution of used images in a PDF document.