SetaPDF Demos

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The SetaPDF-Core component is the root of all other SetaPDF components. See how you can interact with PDF documents on a low level in pure PHP.

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Extract text and words with their coordinates in PDF documents with the SetaPDF-Extractor component.

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Access, fill and flatten PDF forms (aka AcroForms) with the SetaPDF-FormFiller component. See also how you can deal with XFA form in pure PHP.

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See how to concatenate PDF documents in pure PHP. You also can create PDF Portfolios (aka PDF Packages or Collections) with the SetaPDF-Merger component.

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Digital sign PDF documents in pure PHP with the SetaPDF-Signer component. Check out different signature modules, appearances or how to implement external signature providers.

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Add new content to existing PDF documents without changing their internal structure or loosing any functionality.